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Even though preparing a cup of coffee is relatively easy, the road to a good cup of coffee has many essential parts. To prepare this drink, which is in a sense prepared by cooking ground coffee beans, one must consider the way the plant is grown, reaped, roasted and grinded. The first two steps are taken care of by our carefully selected suppliers, while the second two, roasting and grinding, are provided by us.

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The process of coffee roasting is technologically the most demanding phase of coffee production and also the phase where we come in. During the roast, coffee beans develop many different aromatic components which is why the temperature and the length of roast are crucial. Coffee beans should be stirred during the entire time so they roast evenly. There are many different ways to roast, each specific to different coffee varieties and desired taste.

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Roasted coffee beans require grinding. It is best to grind the coffee right before brewing since freshly ground coffee has the most intense aroma. Different varieties demand different levels of grinding. Classic coffee tastes best when the beans are finely ground, medium grind works best with espresso, and coarsely ground coffee with filter coffee.


In order to ease the decision-making process we offer you the chance to taste our coffee blends in our showroom, brewed by our expert baristas, and decide which one you would like to serve to your costumers.


In order to bring our knowledge to a wide, coffee-loving audience, we organize workshops for coffee-making professionals. Workshops are held in our showroom and include tutorials on how to use coffee machines and coffee grinders, upkeep and cleaning the coffee machine, as well as preparing and serving the coffee. The latter is based on teaching the so-called latte art, the art of creating different patterns or design by pouring microfoam into a coffee cup.